StormGain Malaysia Review

If you're searching for an all-inclusive cryptocurrency platform and mobile app, StormGain is your top pick. It boasts an online trading platform, cloud mining tool, digital currency wallet, as well as daily signals.

It also provides a loyalty program and easy login process. Furthermore, its platform supports various currencies like BTC, ETH, and more.


StormGain is an all-inclusive cryptocurrency platform and mobile app, featuring an effortless registration process. Traders and investors can access the platform from any mobile device or computer with ease.

The exchange offers a comprehensive crypto trading platform with built-in automated signals and an intuitive charting tool. Furthermore, its Knowledge Base provides helpful guides and troubleshooting for frequently asked questions.

Supported currencies include Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Tether (USDT), and more. Furthermore, you can trade in fiat currencies like USD, EUR, and AUD as well.

Withdrawals can be made using various methods, such as credit/debit cards and wallet balances. Be sure to double-check that the address entered for sending money is correct before proceeding with any withdrawals.

StormGain serves as a digital currency wallet, so in order to utilize it you must first register an account and verify your phone number. This security measure, known as two-factor authentication, helps safeguard against hacker attacks on your account.

Alternatively, you can download their app for free on iOS and Android devices. It boasts a 4.3/5 rating on the App Store and is accessible in over 230+ countries around the world.

StormGain is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides leveraged trading and top-notch customer support. They have an attractive loyalty program with seven tiers, which clients can progress through based on trading volume. The Standard Account is ideal for new investors while the VIP 3 tier rewards those with large account balances and frequent trading activity.


StormGain is an all-inclusive cryptocurrency platform and mobile app that offers clients a comprehensive suite of features. It provides traders with comprehensive portfolio management solutions, educational material, as well as mining capabilities which allow users to generate passive income from their crypto holdings.

StormGain's platform is accessible in over 230 countries and provides a centralized exchange with various trading instruments, such as margin and fixed-spread options. It makes an ideal platform for both novice and experienced investors alike; even those with minimal technical know-how can get started using it.

StormGain stands out among crypto exchanges by providing a number of features tailored towards traders. These include an integrated crypto wallet and wallet-to-exchange functionality which enables instant currency swapping. Furthermore, StormGain pays up to 12% interest on your crypto deposit - one of the highest rates we've seen so far.

Before using this service, first you must register an account on the platform. Registration requires your email address and a user-selected password; after verifying this information, you will receive an email confirming your registration.

Traders can access live chat support to answer their questions quickly and efficiently. Alternatively, they can send messages directly to the official Twitter and Telegram accounts for assistance. Furthermore, the company offers a referral program which rewards traders with commissions when their friends make trades.


StormGain is an all-inclusive cryptocurrency platform and mobile app that offers over-the-counter (OTC) crypto trading, leverage trading, as well as a multi-currency wallet. Plus it boasts 24/7 customer support that has been featured in multiple mainstream news sites.

This Malaysian exchange provides an intuitive user interface and a broad selection of order types, trading tools, and customized buy/sell signals. Furthermore, it has low commission rates and institutional liquidity levels. As such, its trading platform can be beneficial to both novice and experienced investors alike.

StormGain allows users to purchase and sell cryptocurrency with credit cards or bank accounts. They may also transfer the funds directly into existing cryptocurrency wallets. The minimum deposit amount required for purchases is $50, while the maximum is 500 USDT (or its equivalent in another currency).

StormGain not only allows users to purchase and sell cryptocurrency, but they can also mine them at no cost using its cloud mining system. This is an excellent opportunity for earning free Bitcoin without needing any initial investment.

StormGain offers traders access to an extensive library of research materials and articles on day trading, crypto analysis, mining, and trading strategies. On average, the platform publishes new videos and blog posts related to these topics every week.


StormGain is an all-inclusive cryptocurrency platform and mobile app that enables customers to buy, sell, exchange and trade cryptocurrencies. The exchange provides various features such as 24/7 customer support, various order types and trading tools, plus trading signals.

You can purchase cryptocurrencies with credit or debit cards, and also withdraw your funds as fiat currency through SEPA transfers. However, there may be fees associated with these transactions; depending on the currency, there may either be a fixed fee or minimum withdrawal amount required.

Before opening a trade on StormGain, you must first verify your email and phone number as well as create an account. After this is done, you can begin trading immediately.

The platform boasts an intuitive user interface and offers customizable order types. Furthermore, you can open an 'At the Price' trade to pre-specify a buy or sell price in advance.

StormGain also features an 'Auto-Increase' feature that automatically increases your trading capital if you lose 50% of your initial deposit. This can help ensure that all trades remain open until they prove profitable.

StormGain offers an affiliate program that rewards you with up to 50% of the profits made by referrals who trade on the platform. You can earn this commission by referring people through your own social media channels, or using StormGain links in emails and text messages.


Finding the ideal platform for you requires some research. Consider your payment method, currencies you plan to use and investment budget before investing. Likewise, be sure to factor in any exchange fees that might apply. Doing this will help determine which platform best meets your needs and wallet - plus who knows, maybe even score some great deals along the way! It's no secret that Malaysia is a hub for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and locals know how to capitalize on a good trade!


StormGain is an all-inclusive cryptocurrency platform and mobile app, providing various features to help users buy, store, trade, and exchange cryptocurrency. With presence in more than 230 countries and five million registered users globally, StormGain boasts the largest user base of any cryptocurrency platform.

It boasts an intuitive user-interface, guaranteeing traders are engaged with the platform and have a smooth journey. Furthermore, traders have 24/7 access to technical analysis, push notifications, and signals.

Additionally, it offers interactive charts with various time frames, types and indicators. Traders can utilize these to monitor historical price movements in order to make more informed trade decisions.

The platform also allows traders to create cold wallets, which are disconnected from the network and inaccessible to hackers. This is an advantageous option for novice investors who need a safe way to store their coins quickly.

Users can deposit cryptocurrency via credit card and other methods by clicking "Wallets" section and selecting their desired crypto. Once done, users can withdraw funds using either their wallet address or QR code.

Furthermore, the company also offers a loyalty program that rewards clients for their trading and exchange turnover. Members can receive deposit bonuses, exchange commission discounts, as well as faster mining speed depending on their loyalty tier.