StormGain - Allinone Crypto Platform and Mobile App

StormGain is an allinone cryptocurrency platform and mobile app Buy, sell, exchange, trade, hodl and mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in one.

To use the platform, users must create an account with a phone number and email id. This allows them to keep their funds private and safe from hackers and blackmail.


StormGain is an allinone cryptocurrency platform and mobile app that lets you buy, sell, exchange, trade, hodl and mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in one place. It offers a simple, user-friendly interface and competitive trading conditions for all types of investors.

The app also provides a plethora of tools, including chart customization options such as bar style and trend lines. This makes it easier for traders to identify profitable opportunities.

However, there are some drawbacks to the platform, including limited earning opportunities and a $10 payout limit. These can be a bit of a concern for seasoned traders, as it may take them some time to earn more than the $10 minimum.

Aside from these, StormGain has a variety of features that can be beneficial to both beginner and experienced traders. Among these is its referral program that rewards a 15% fee to the members who refer others to join the platform.

Clients can deposit their funds in several ways, including a crypto wallet and credit cards. The deposit fees vary according to the method of payment used.

In addition, StormGain offers a seven-tiered loyalty program that awards clients for the volume of coins traded or exchanged on the platform. The tiers are Standard, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, VIP, VIP 2, and VIP 3.

Traders can also earn interest on their deposits in a variety of cryptocurrencies. The interest is calculated daily and users can withdraw their funds at any time. This feature is unique to StormGain and does not have a mandatory lock period like many other crypto interest schemes do.


StormGain is an allinone cryptocurrency platform and mobile app that offers an easy way to buy, sell, exchange, trade, hodl and mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in one place. It's a great choice for both experienced and beginners traders alike.

In order to start trading, users must sign up for a free account with a valid email address and phone number. This is a secure step in the process that helps protect your funds from fraudsters. You can also use a demo account to test out the platform before you deposit your money.

The platform supports a wide range of payment options, including Visa and Mastercard. It is also compatible with Apple Pay and SEPA transfer. The minimum deposit amount is $50 for credit card holders, while withdrawals are subject to a 0.1 percent charge.

To trade, users must first open an account with StormGain. You can do so by visiting the website or downloading the StormGain app for iOS and Android smartphones.

Once you have signed up, you can use your debit or credit card to purchase a number of cryptocurrencies. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and a few others.

You can also use the platform's advanced order types like a limit or stop order to make your trades easier and more efficient. These are useful for trading when you don't know the price of a certain coin, or want to lock in your profit before prices rise or fall.


If you are looking for an allinone cryptocurrency platform and mobile app to Exchange, trade, hodl and mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in one place, StormGain is the best option. Designed to cater to both beginners and more experienced traders, StormGain offers a range of advanced tools, market news and analytics, and its own powerful Bitcoin cloud miner.

It also offers a number of trading signals developed by its experts, so you can make smarter decisions without having to conduct your own analysis. The platform allows you to trade multiple cryptocurrencies, with up to 300x leverage, and features a demo account with 50,000 USDT.

Signing up with StormGain is simple and secure, and you’ll be able to access the platform via the iOS or Android apps. You’ll also receive a free demo account and access to a wealth of educational content.

To get started, you’ll need to create a login ID and password, which are then used to deposit money into your account. This can be done by transferring funds using a credit card or bank transfer. You can then withdraw your crypto holdings in fiat currency.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 USDT or the equivalent, and you can use a number of different crypto wallets. The wallets are encrypted and disconnected from the internet, ensuring that your funds are safe from hackers.

The app is based in the UK and operates in more than 100 countries worldwide. Its team includes industry experts who have a background in both financial and blockchain industries.


The StormGainone cryptocurrency platform and mobile app Trade, exchange, sell, trade, hodl and mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in one place. It is a one-stop-shop for crypto traders and has several excellent features such as a cloud mining tool, daily trading signals and a loyalty program.

The platform is available on desktop, smartphone and tablet and is supported by most operating systems and browsers. Its UI is designed for ease of use and provides 24/7 access to technical analysis, charts, market news, signals and a crypto miner.

StormGain is a popular exchange that offers a wide range of coins to trade, including Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), Dash, Litecoin, Monero and Tron. It also supports margin trading, which allows you to use leverage in your trades.

Using leverage can help you make more money but can be risky if you use too high a multiplier. That’s why you should always use a limit profit and loss in your trades.

To open a trade on StormGain, select your desired crypto pair and click on the 'Open Trade' button. You can either open an immediate trade based on the market price or a 'At the Price' trade where you pre-specify your buy and sell prices.

The platform also features a 'Dynamic Withdrawal Fee', which is a great feature for beginners as you don’t have to pay a large withdrawal fee when withdrawing little amounts of crypto. To withdraw your funds, simply choose your wallet from the list on the right-hand side of the screen and provide the destination address.


In 2013, a Bitcoin forum poster mistyped the word “HODL,” meaning “Hold On for Dear Life.” This misspelling quickly spread throughout the crypto community and has become an iconic term for long-term crypto investors. HODL is a strategy that enables crypto investors to make money by holding an asset for the long haul rather than making short-term trades.

Compared to traditional market timing, hodling requires less skill and allows investors to stay invested in the long run without worrying about volatility. The strategy also eliminates the risks of trading against a trend.

While many crypto investors panic when their price falls, those who HODL tend to be more disciplined and patient. This can be especially beneficial for novice investors who may not have the expertise to properly time their purchases and sales.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one platform that allows you to buy, sell and mine cryptocurrencies in one place, then look no further than StormGain. The app is free to download and offers a variety of features for traders. In addition to allowing users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, it also offers a miner that can earn them up to 12 percent interest on their holdings.

When you use the StormGain application regularly, you stand a chance of earning a free amount of Bitcoin from the cloud miner. This can be an excellent way to offset the costs of trading crypto on the exchange, which is typically a large part of the trading process.


StormGainone is a one-stop crypto platform and mobile app that offers multiple services, including Cloud Mining, daily trading signals, and digital currency wallets. Its user-friendly interface makes it a preferred choice among crypto traders.

The company is based in the United Kingdom and provides a variety of tools to help investors make more profitable trades. It offers leverages of up to 300 and supports a wide range of crypto currencies.

It also allows users to use their external crypto wallets when depositing or withdrawing funds. Its mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices.

In addition, StormGain offers referral programs for both new and existing members. Traders who refer their friends to the platform can earn up to 15% of the fees that their referrals pay and up to 15% of the mined funds that their referrals withdraw, for an unlimited time.

This is an interesting way to earn free Bitcoin, especially if you use the platform often. You can earn up to 0.30 USDT per day from this program, and you don’t need any special hardware.

Moreover, StormGain’s mobile app also features a cloud miner that you can use for free, allowing you to earn up to 10% of your trading volume every four hours. It is a great option for people who don’t have a lot of money to invest and want to earn a bit of extra cash.